Culinary training to advance all your skills and techniques. With expertise in superyacht chefs, combined with all our talented guest chefs, we have a very exciting new curriculum ahead.

We are busy refining all our most popular academy house courses, our Essentials certificate, Superyacht Chef, Advanced Plating and Presentation, alongside all our Guest Chef courses, where each amazing chef will continue to share all of their my with you, teaching each of their signature dishes and more.

From fermentation to chocolate making, plating techniques, plant-based, sous-vide and everything in between, our focus is on providing the very best training in culinary arts.

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A world class online cookery school where Michelin starred guest chefs teach the advanced skills and techniques to take your cookery to the next level.

We have many different courses covering a vast range of cuisines and skills, to provide and build on your culinary training, with many of our courses taught by chef tutors who have or currently work on superyachts and are represented by our agency, mymuybueno Private Chefs, as this is our area of expertise.

Coming soon.

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