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mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts

Online culinary training to enhance all of your skills and techniques.

Advanced online courses taught by Michelin starred chefs including Gareth Ward, James Knappett, Adam Handling, and talents such as Sally Abé, Kirk Haworth, Tom Booton, Harriet Mansell and Jules Cooking. Along with our amazing House Chefs and courses for Advanced Plating & Presentation, Superyacht Chef Cookery and independent Skill & Techniques too.

mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts

Our online courses are taught in step by step stages of learning, with unlimited access, to give you confidence, knowledge and an experience.

Welcome to mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts.

Our academy is the evolution of our original cookery school. Now taking it online, to make it accessible to everyone globally.

The my in mymuybueno is about the personal touch. And every chef teaching with us, is able to share their ‘my’ with ‘you’. 

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"Awesome opportunity to be a part of the ever-growing mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts. Justine uses her extensive network of industry giants to make sure chefs get the most well-rounded skill set and knowledge in this epic world of fine dining."

Gareth Ward - Head Chef and Co-Owner at Ynyshir Restaurant and Guest Chef

House Courses

Av. 174 Modules
Unlimited Access
Designed to enhance your repertoire for working as as a private chef on yachts or land. Superyacht Chef Cookery, Advanced Plating & Presentation and more. Taught by our amazing House Chefs who have years of experience to share with you.

Guest Chef Courses

Av. 42 Modules
Unlimited Access
Sharing their signature dishes, experience and expertise with you.  Each one of our Guest Chefs are so very different in personality, dishes taught, background and teaching style. Sharing their ‘my’ with all of ‘you’.

Skills & Techniques

Basic & Advanced / Av. 1 - 8 Modules
Unlimited Access
Taught by our House & Guest Chefs. These courses cover a vast range of culinary arts. With a focus on helping to build your arsenal of skills and techniques at  basic and advanced levels. You can mix and match based on where you specifically want to learn.
mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts

Learn with confidence

“Our focus is on providing the very best training in culinary arts, in a step-by-step module format, so that culinary professionals and students can learn with confidence every step of the way. We are revolutionising the way chefs learn, instilling confidence with our way of teaching to benefit them not just now, but for life,”

“It also makes training more intimate than ever before, as you are right there, one-to-one with the chef.”

Justine Murphy, Founder & CEO, mymuybueno 

Our Partners

We are proud to be partnered with some incredible brands that truly reflect our own ethos and calibre.

Our Partners are N25 Caviar, Hexclad, Difference Coffee and Bragard, click the their logo to visit their website directly and explore their brands, and you will see just why we have deemed them to be the very best to partner and work with at our academy and within the mymuybueno Group. 

Guest Chefs

Our Guest Chefs share their signature dishes, skills and techniques, passion, experience and repertoire with you.

Each chef’s personality really shines through with their own teaching style, making your experience memorable, to give you confidence in all that you learn. 

House Chefs

Our House Chefs teach our Superyacht Chef Cookery and Advanced Plating & Presentation one week courses.

Sharing all their experience from both time in restaurants and or superyachts to impart with you and elevate all your training to use both personally and professionally. 

Skills & Techniques

Basic & Advanced Skills & Technique independent courses covering a vast selection of culinary arts, taught by our House & Guest Chefs.

Plating skills, lobster preparation, consommé, handmade pasta, ice creams, fluid gels and so much more. 
mymuybueno Luxuryware

Our chefs plate up on all our mymuybueno Luxuryware plates, so you can do the same.

Every main course here at mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts finishes with plating. Using plates from our very own mymuybueno Luxuryware. You can view our catalogue below for our extensive ranges and order with us directly. Giving you the ability to recreate a chef’s dish entirely. 

mymuybueno Academy of Culinary Arts

Gift Vouchers for the chef in your life

You can purchase a gift voucher for any one of our courses, for the chef in your life.

Whether it’s for a foodie friend, a family member embarking into working on superyachts, or a loved one who would relish to learn from their favourite chef.

A voucher makes the perfect gift of a learning experience, to remember forever. 

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